Field Day 2016 Roll Call

Hi folks,

First and foremost, the Club Field Day web page can be found here:

Field Day 2016 is 20 days out and it's time to start firming up event plans.  We will be setting up at the Roth Family Woodlot in Tedrow/Wauseon again this year, and since we usually only run the 24 hour period, we can begin setup after 8:00pm on Thursday, June 25.  This would be a good time to get antennas in the air ahead of the 2:00pm start time on Saturday, June 25.

If you are bringing a rig, and planning on running the full 24 hour contest, let us know what bands and modes you want to run, if you have a laptop for running the software (I have extra laptops I can bring), and what rig and antenna system you plan to run.  Make sure to bring plenty of extension cords to tie into the generator, as well as plenty of antenna feed line so we are not setting up on top of each other.

On the note of laptops, we do run networked logging software which aids immensely in filing the report with the ARRL, as well as keeping track of who is running on the allowed bands and modes.  This software will work work with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Please keep in mind we run 100 watts or less to stay in our category.  If you are not planning on running the full length of contest, please note that in your reply.  Consider sharing antenna/rig space with another participant that might also want to only run part of the time.  We have had a lot of interest from club members about wanting to run more CW, so please try to coordinate your efforts.  Remember that we are restricted to only three simultaneous modes on each band: CW, Digital, Phone, and all bands are open except 12, 17, 30, and 60.

If this is your first time running Field Day, or if you have been doing this for years, please take the time to read through the contest rules here:

I'll try to put out routine updates on where we stand and what our rig count will be.  We ran a 6A last year, and I suspect we will be around the same again this year.

A quick note on bonus points, the following points are up for grabs (almost none of which we grabbed last year do to the weather).  Please take time to read through these, we are looking for people to volunteer in certain rolls and are also looking for additional information on if we might qualify for some of these points:

1. 100% emergency power (100 points per transmitter)
   This is an easy one, and pretty automatic since we run a generator

2. Media Publicity (100 points)
   We are getting a late start on this, the ARRL has example letters to be
   sent out to various news outlets.  Anyone want to take this on?  If not,
   I can work on it this week.  We just have to show that we submitted a
   press release, even if it is not published.

3. Public Location (100 points)
   This is arguable since it is open to the public, but technically private
   property.  Any thoughts on this?

4. Information Table (100 points)
   I am looking for someone to take this on, any help would be appreciated,
   I can give you pointers on what I have done in the past.  This is a fun
   task if you want to help out, but don't want to run.

5. Formal message origination to section manager (100 points)
   We have never done this in the past, see rules from ARRL for info if you
   want to try.

6. Message Handling (10 points per)
   We have never done this in the past either, see rules from ARRL for info.

7. Satellite QSO (100 points for one QSO)
   Must be successfully complete, see the ARRL rules, I do not believe we
   have ever done this in the past, I don't believe the ISS counts.

8. Alternate Power (100 points for 5 QSOs)
   Very specific requirements, check the rule packet, but might be a fun one
   for someone to try.

9. W1AW Bulletin (100 points)
   This is an easy one, we get this every year from a CW or Digital station.

10. Education Activity (100 points)
   Another bonus we given up in the past few years.  If you think you have
   a good topic to present, please let us know.  Check the ARRL Field Day
   packet for ideas.  If you want to present a Education Activity, make sure
   to schedule the time accordingly on Saturday.

11. Elected Official Site Visitation (100 points)
   We usually ask Paul Barnaby out, which is always nice to have him stop
   by, but we should also consider inviting others.  If you can get me a
   list of names, I can send out mailed invites.

12. Agency Official Site Visitation (100 points)
   We have invited our county EMA director, Heather, out in previous years,
   we should plan on inviting her again.

13. GOTA (complex point structure)
   Are we doing a GOTA station this year? We need a dedicated member to be
   present at the station, and it should be more then just one new HAM
   taking part.  If we should only plan on declaring this if we have a firm
   commitment from someone to manage that station.

14. Web Submission of Points (50 points)
   This is an easy one also.  I've got this covered when I file our scores.

15. Youth Participation (complex point structure, see rules)
   We have never filed this bonus either.  See the ARRL packet for details,
   and let us know if you have suggestions.  It might be nice to have a youth
   group like the Scouts out to make some contacts.

16. NEW!! Social Media (100 points)
   I believe I have this covered also.  We will be active in posting to
   Facebook and Twitter during the course of the event.

17. NEW!! Safety Office (100 points)
   The ARRL has outlined various safety precautions for the event in the
   Field Day Packet.  A designated person must sign off and produce a written
   statement indicating the club has adhered to safety measures.  Please see
   the Rules Packet on this.  If you think you might want to take on this
   roll, let us know ASAP!

Craig Szczublewski -