State Parks on the Air - September 10

First, I will not be available that weekend, so I am turning the organization over to Bryan (KB8ELG) who has run in the contest for many years along with me, and understands the format.

Event: Ohio State Parks on the Air & FCARC end of summer Cookout!
Date/Time: September 10th, 2016 12:00pm to 8:00pm, cookout around 2:00pm (setup starting at 10:00am)
Location: Marzolf Shelter House, Harrison Lake State Park
Contact: Bryan - KB8ELG (

The Ohio State Parks on the Air contest is September 10th from 12:00pm to 8:00pm with a goal of working as many state parks in Ohio as possible on HF Phone. Contest rules can be found at the OSPOTA website:

We will be running under the club call-sign K8BXQ.  Please coordinate with Bryan (KB8ELG) if you plan on bringing out a rig and antenna.  Given the nature of the contest, there are very limited usable bands.  However, this is a great opportunity to experiment with operator "shifts" and spotting radios, something we don't get to do in bigger contest like Field Day.  If you plan on operating, download and print the following:

    Log Sheet:
    Park Map:
    Park Codes:

Whoever will be filing the report (I'm looking at you KB8ELG) will need the summary sheet as well:

Remember, distance is not your friend in this contest.  You are trying to make QSOs to other State Parks in Ohio.  There will be other parties also trying to contact Harrison Lake, and those are all good for points, but the good multipliers are the other Parks.

The cookout we have had the past few years is a fun time, so we are replaying the schedule again, and all club members and their families are welcome to come out.  We are planning on grilling up cheeseburgers and hotdogs, and will provide some side salads and chips as well.  We also have a lot of soda left over from the Hamfest/Field Day, so no need to bring beverages.  If you are planning on coming out, please RSVP to!

Be sure to take lots of pictures, I can get these aggregated and posted to the club Flickr account

Harrison Lake/Marzolf Shelter: