April 17 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 14 Attendance.
The Finance Report was read with motion to approve by Jason Clingaman (KC8PCU) seconded by Dave Claar (W8TUX).
Minutes from previous meeting were distributed in advance vie email with no corrections.
The Membership report stands at 48 total paid and lifetime members.
Bill to Present: The P.O. Box is up for renewal at a cost of $88.  Motion to pay was made by Bob Rosebrock (WB8ZOI) and seconded by Allen Nash (KC8UQU).
Members in Distress:
Jason Clingaman (KC8PCU) was in attendance and looking very well after his heart attack last month.
Upcoming Events:
June 3 is the FCARC Summer Hamfest.  We will meet on June 2 at the Roth Family Woodlot in Tedrow at 7:00pm to discuss hamfest proceedings and assignments.  Food and Beverage plans were finalized, offering water, soda, coffee, and donuts.  Door prizes will be purchased by Craig Szczublewski (KD8KBU) for a maximum of $100 which was motioned by Bob Rosebrock (WB8ZOI) and seconded by Ed Roth (WD8KRS).  Ticket sales will be handled by Dave Claar (W8TUX) and Craig Szczublewski (KD8KBU), the club table managed by Ed Roth (WD8KRS), food and beverage sales by Angela Infante (KB2AVN), and vendor PR by John Meyers (KD8ZKE).
June 24 and 25 is the ARRL Field Day.  More information can be found at http://www.arrl.org/field-day and members are encouraged to download the rules packet.  We are looking for volunteers to help with some of the bonus points like an Education program and club information table.
Old Business:
Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) discussed repeater etiquette and encouraged members to shutdown the controller if inflammatory comments are being made or slanderous behavior is occurring.
Interest seems to be on a decline for the club emergency services net.  Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) encouraged members to participate indicating the benefits of being prepared for emergencies.
05/19/2017 Dayton Hamvention (Xenia, OH)
06/03/2017 FCARC! Tedrow, OH
06/04/2017 Chelsea, MI
06/18/2017 Monroe, MI
07/16/2017 Van Wert, OH
Next Meeting: The next regular club meeting will be 7:30pm on May 15, 2017 at the County Administration Building (same as the Drivers License Bureau), 152 S. Fulton St, Wauseon.
Motion to adjourn made by Allen Nash (KC8UQU) and seconded by Dave Claar (W8TUX)
Club Nets:
Weeknights at 10:30pm Bud's Midnight Madness Net -- 147.195+
Wed at 8pm EC Practice Net & Club Two Meter Net -- 147.195+ (EC/Club Net alternate every other week)
Wed at 9pm 6M Net -- 50.400 AM on the first Wednesday of the month
Wed at 9pm 6M Net -- 52.525 FM Simplex
Wed at 9pm 6M Net -- 50.125 USB on the third Wednesday of the month