Swanton Fire works on 7/1/2017

I spoke with the Swanton Police Chief as we discussed at the meeting. He does need help and even though  5 or 6 could do the job, he would like 10 people if we can get that many together.
Our task would be to help park cars before the fireworks and make sure people don't go in a direction that would take them to the shoot area. Once the show starts we will be finished and can enjoy the show and go our own way.
He would like to meet with us at about 5:45 at the practice field for the band. It is located in the SW corner of the high school lot/ west end of the student parking lot. Like I said we would be done when the fireworks start which he expects to be about 10:00.
I recommend everyone have a reflective shirt or vest, a flashlight, and make sure your HT is charged. 
If anyone has any questions, please contact me at dclaarjr@roadrunner.com, or text me at 419-279-1292.
Thank You,
Dave Claar