September Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by John Myers (KD8ZKE) with 16 members in attendance.
There were no members in distress reported, but several members inquired into the health and well-being of Doyle Bernath (W8TGC).  The club officers will try to get a hold of him before the next meeting to get an update.
Minutes from the August meeting were read an accepted.
The treasurers report was read and a motion to approve was made by Bob Rosebrock (WB8ZOI) and seconded by Jason Clingaman (KC8PCU) and approved by all.
There were two bills to present:  one for the OSPOTA cookout for $109.93 and one for the Portable "facilities" for Field Day and the Summer Hamfest for $80.  A motion to pay the bills was made by Lindsay Infante (K8LI) and seconded by Bill Lampe (KD8WSL) and approved by all.
The repeater committee reported that maintenance was conducted last week on the main repeater shed, replacing a bad RF connector.  Since the maintenance, there has been a marked decline in the spurious noises in transmission.  It was noted that there are several maintenance items that need to be conducted on the building, including inspection of the flashing on the roof and a coat of fresh paint.  We will inform the club when maintenance is scheduled to try and get a few extra hands to help.  Look or this to occur in the next few weeks.  
Further discuss was held on the topic of IRLP on the repeater.  Due to the network requirements, we are considering a RF back-haul on UHF to a club members home internet service where we can have better control of the port forwarding on the router.  We will work on presenting a list of needs at the next club meeting.
Under old business, the club reviewed the OSPOTA contest at Harrison Lake State Park.  Everyone in attendance had a good time and enjoyed the day.  We had an opportunity to run the club TS-440 for the duration of the event, also using the new end-fed wire recently acquired with positive results.  
Under new business, the club will have it's Christmas Dinner on December 18 at the Barn Restaurant in Archbold at 6:30pm.  As always, members are responsible for the cost of their dinner.  Angela Infante (KB2AVN) will handle making the reservation.
Under the good of Amateur Radio, we congratulate our two new VE's, David Claar (W8TUX) and John Myers (KD8ZKE).
Upcoming Hamfests:
10/07/2017 Great Lakes HAMCon, Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn, MI (2 days)
10/15/2017 Kalamazoo, OH
10/29/2017 Madison Heights, MI
11/11/2017 Ft Wayne, IN (2 days)
12/02/2017 Delta, OH
Further details can be found at the ARRL Website:
Club Nets:
Weeknights at 10:30pm Bud's Midnight Madness Net -- 147.195+
Wed at 8pm FCARC Club/ES Net -- 147.195+
Wed at 9pm 6M Net -- 1st Wed 50.400 AM, 3rd Wed 50.125 USB, All others 52.525 FM Simplex
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VE Testing:
The club gives testing at 9am the last Saturday of each month at the George's Radio Service in Wauseon, contact Tom Servoss (KC8UOM) if interested, you can find his phone number on the website under the VE Testing section.
Saturday morning breakfast at the Delta 109 at 9:00 AM, in downtown Delta, OH.