Emergency Services Practice Deployment Results

On Nov. 7 2018 , members of the club and the Emergency services group conducted a practice deployment in Fulton County. Jim McBride, K8JPD, opened the net at 20:00 and if I recall correctly, we had 6 check ins, and a new ham, KE8KRI, rode along with KB8PUD.

Everyone successfully deployed to police, fire and other Emergency oriented agencies as we requested. The travel times were fairly short and the deployment phase went well.

Once everyone was at their deployment site and checked in, we exited our vehicles and conducted communications on our HT’s. Other than 2 Hams that were a long way from the repeater, HT communications went well.

K8JPD then released everyone to their home QTH and had them report in once they arrived safely.

I was very pleased overall with the exercise. The following points explain why.

  1. Everyone participating did a very good job of using our established protocols. Communications were clear and easily understandable.

  2. Everyone complied exactly with K8JPD’s instructions which would be critical in a real emergency.

  3. Once we went mobile, all equipment worked properly, and communications remained easily understandable.

  4. The HT communications were much better than I anticipated.

The following is what I would like to see in a future exercise, which would expand upon what we accomplished along with expanding the application of what we practice.

  1. After everyone is deployed, I would like to see us switch to our alternate repeaters, so we can see how good our coverage is and how consistent our communications would be using these repeaters.

  2. I would like for all deployed persons to give a weather report or pass some other traffic while in their deployment location.

  3. When we use HT’s for out of vehicle communications, I would like to use a simplex frequency.

    1. This will be good practice in case a power outage would take down all our repeaters.

    2. We will be able to determine what we would need for relays to get traffic to and from the more distant areas of the county.

These are my ideas as I believe this exercise went, and how to implement what is needed to expand the exercise. I would like anyone with any ideas at all to contact K8JPD or myself and share your ideas with us. We can then use them to come up with a scenario we can use to deploy again in the spring before the bad weather moves in.