HF Digital Mode Workshop

Who: Fulton County Amateur Radio Club - Craig Szczublewski KD8KBU
Where: Fulton Lodge 248, 400 Main St, Delta, OH 43515
When: Saturday March 2, noon - 3pm
The goal of the workshop is to offer an introduction to HF Digital Mode operations using some of the popular modes like FT8, PSK, and RTTY.  The workshop will review home-brew and commercial rig interfacing options, popular general purpose and mode specific software, digital mode differences and QSO examples, and with enough time, some hands-on QSOs on live equipment.
I'll pre-print some of the reference material I'll be covering, but you might want to bring a pen and notebook in case there is anything of interest you want to reference later.
Last, I don't profess to be an expert on all things Amateur Radio, but I hope to relay some of the things I have learned from digital mode operations and contesting from the past 10 years.