Emergency Services Deployment Exercise

On March 20, 2019 at 8:00 P.M. the Fulton County Amateur Radio Club and the Emergency Services Net will be conducting a deployment exercise, in which we will attempt to cover the entire county. We are asking all hams to assist in this event if possible.

The purpose of this net is to test our repeaters, along with our individual equipment to make sure we are ready for an emergency, along with making sure we can cover the entire county. We will be doing this with not only mobile radios in our vehicles but will be working with HT’s as well. There will also be some exercises conducted on Simplex to simulate the repeaters being down.

Here is an outline of how this will work:

  • At 8:00 P.M. we will start the net on the 147.195 repeater. We will take check in like a normal net.
  • After everyone has checked in, we will ask everyone to deploy. We are asking that you go to a local police, fire or other first responder location near your home QTH. In the event that we have multiple operators in the same area we may ask some to move out further to help cover areas where we have no one.
  • Upon reaching your deployment site please check back in to the net on 147.195. Once everyone is in position, we will ask for a report of the weather at your QTH.
  • We will then ask everyone to check in on the 147.285 repeater. If this repeater is not working, we will skip this test.
  • We will then ask everyone to check in on the Henry County repeater, 147.315.
  • Everyone will now be asked to go outside of their vehicle and use their HT to check into 147.195. If you are unable to reach the repeater from your location with an HT, please check back in from your car radio so we know everything is OK and that HT coverage isn’t good in that area.
  • We will the move to 146.460 simplex. Try checking back into the net. We will use relays and get everyone checked in if possible.
  • Everyone will then be released to their home QTH. Please check back into the net on 147.195 and let net control know you made it home safely. You will then be released from the net.

We are hoping to get all HAM operators in the area involved in this. This includes anyone who is unable to deploy. Any help we can get with relays will help greatly.