Summer Events

There are a few hours left in the 2019 ARRL Field Day Event, so stop reading this email and go work some stations!  Or keep reading if you'd like.  We had a fun time on on Saturday, running a 7A class and also trying to work a few satellites when the opportunity presented itself. There are still a few guys out at the woodlot making efforts to run until the 2pm end time.  If you have no other plans for the day, please consider stopping out this afternoon to help with tear down. 

Looking ahead to the the summer months, we have several events planned that we would like to have a good turnout for:
June 28: Swanton Fireworks
As you may have heard, we have been asked to help with parking at the Swanton Fireworks on June 29th at 6:30. If we meet at the same place as last year, we will meet on the North side of the school at the visitor parking lot. We can do this easily with 4 to 6 people. Since we have enough advance notice this year, I was thinking we could meet up an hour or so early and cook up some burgers and dogs and make this a fun club event and not just parking cars. Contact is David Claar for this event (
July 14: Delta Chicken Festival Parade
As in years past, we will be assisting the Delta Police with the parade route.  The parade starts at 2pm, plan on being at the Chicken Festival no later the 12:30p,  Bring water, sunscreen, a hat, and a HT.  Contact is Bryan Patterson for this event (
July 20: Fulton County Museum On the Air event
The Fulton County Museum is putting together a display on amateur radio through the years and the roll is played during WWII and other events.  We are planning on setting up for the afternoon to demonstrate Amateur Radio and show how it has changed over the years.  We would like to get this listed with the ARRL and we'll try to make this happen in the next week.  We do not have a firm timetable for the day yet, but we are asking you to set the date aside as we will need people to welcome visitors, operators to demonstrate HF/VHF and maybe even Satellite work.  This is a great opportunity to be an ambassador for the hobby.  Contact is Bryan Patterson for this event (
August 24: Ohio QSO party and Ohio Courthouses on the Air
I read about this in the Ohio Section News from the ARRL.  We all know the Ohio QSO party, but they are piggy backing a special event for Courthouses on the Air.  I plan on registering our group with the Courthouse in Wauseon.  The event runs 9am to 4pm.  We will need operators and and public liaisons.   I am working to coordinate the event with the Fulton County Museum and EOC.  Event details are here: