October Club Meeting Notes

Hi folks, sorry for the delay in this.  I wrenched my back pretty good and did not make the meeting on Monday.  I have some notes courtesy of KB8ELG:

The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm with 12 members in attendance.  Introductions were made and the treasurer's report was read.  Committee reports follow:

Education: The Tech class held in September was a success.  Thanks to the hard work of KB8ELG, we has three individuals take the three Saturday class at the Delta Public Library.  A third Saturday was added as a review day right before the testing took place.  We also had one walk-in for the testing session.  The result was three out of the four people in attendance passed their Technician exam.  The club is considering holding another class in either January or February of 2012.  The format would be the same, two back to back Saturdays of class work, followed by a third Saturday of review and testing.  We have the option of using the Delta Public Library, although a possibility may be  Archbold as well.  Testing will be back in Archbold for October although we have no one scheduled yet.

Repeater Committee:  K8LI and KB8ELG continue to troubleshoot the intermittent noise on the 147.195 repeater.  The next step may be to swap out the controller to see if the noise disappears.  Beyond the interconnects, the controller appears to be the only item which may be causing the issue.  Although it has been suggested the source of the noise may be the tower itself. 

Memorial Committee:  Ed Roth passed along a silent key, Stanley Fauver (W8ZHQ) of Wauseon.  While off the air for some time now due to health issues, Stanley was one of the last charter members of the club.  Stanley passed away October 3 at the age of 92.  Ed took care of sending flowers on behalf of the club.

Old Business:  The Lockport Race was a success.  We had a very nice message from Rachel Kinsman, the Health Education Coordinator, on how appreciative they are of our radio service.  We have been asked to come back again for next years race.

New Business: The club has a pneumatic mast system donated from a local television station.  We are currently looking for a trailer to install it on.  If you or anyone you know has one not being used and would like to donate it for this purpose, please contact myself or Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG).  Our goal is to equip this similar to the one we borrow from for Field Day from Norm (W8TTH).

Upcoming Events: No news on the Festival of Lights Parade in Archbold yet (it falls on November 25).  As soon as we have that, we'll pass it along.  The only other event for the year is the Chrsitmas dinner at the Barn Restaurant in Archbold.  We have the same room as last year.  The dinner replaces our normal club meeting, and is still on the third Monday in December at 6:30pm.  Members are responsible for the cost of their dinner.

Upcoming Hamfests:

10/23/2011 Sterling Heights, MI
11/19/2011 Fort Wayne, IN (2days, the 19th and 20th)

That's all I have for now.  Please reply back to me with corrections.