November Club Meeting Notes

Hi folks, here are some notes from the club meeting this evening, our normal secretary was not in attendance, so these might be a bit incomplete:

The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm with 11 members in attendance. Introductions were made as we had several new members in attendance.  Minutes from the previous meeting and the treasurer's report were read and accepted.

We had one special guest, and now a club member, in attendance.  Cass Telles is the son of Claude Cass Telles, IV (KA8RPM), who passed away September 2. Claude, and the Telles family, have generously donated the amateur radio portion of the estate to the Fulton County Amateur Radio Club.  Cass gave us a little bit more information on his father and his involvement in Amateur Radio and the Community.  We have posted Claude's obituary on the website for further reading.  We are still in the process of sorting through the items, some of which found their way to the Ft Wayne Hamfest this past weekend.  With the sale of some of the more esoteric equipment, as well as that in need of TLC, we were able to raise the funds for a new repeater controller, something we have been needing so we can return K8LI's.

Part of the donations were two exceptionally rare items which we will be posting pictures and video of in the coming weeks:

Collins 51J-4 Receiver
Collins KWM-2A Transceiver

Collectors of Collins equipment know what these rigs are worth.  While not in mint condition, they are in operating condition.  Once we have pictures available, the current plan would be to see if any club members want to make offers on these rigs.  If there is no interest or no serious offers are had within three months, we will probably turn to a traditional auction site.  As we discover other items which may be useful to club members, we will make everyone aware of these.

Committee reports follow:

Education: We had one individual for testing at the end of October.  That person passed their General test.  We have one person scheduled for November 26th, so walk-ins are now welcome.  Testing will be at the Archbold Police station at 9:30am.  KB8ELG reports we have 1-2 people interested in another Tech level class.  We are tentatively setting a date for February 4th, 11th, and 18th (review day and testing) at the Delta Public Library.  This is strictly tentative as we would like to have at least three people committed to the class.  Further details will be made available as we get closer to the end of the year.

Repeater Committee:  KB8ELG reports the repeater in excellent working condition.  With the sale of donated equipment, we have raised the funds to purchase a new controller for the 147.195 primary repeater.  This will allow us to put the current controller on the backup repeater and return the backup controller to Lindsay (K8LI) who has patiently let us borrow that device.  No forward movement on the new club building, and with winter very near, no changes are likely until after the first of the year.

Memorial Committee:  Nothing to report.

Membership: We have 49 paid members.  A reminder to all that membership dues renew at the beginning of the year.  Within the next few weeks I'll have the membership forms in the mail, please take time to review them for any errors or omissions.

T-Shirt Committee: KB8ELG has been looking into for printing services.  This would allow us to upload our artwork and have it printed on a variety of shirts and other apparel on demand.  Club members can than pick the style and color they want and the club does not need to make a bulk purchase of various sizes up front.  It was also mentioned that Walmart offers a similar service.  KB8ELG said he would follow up on that front as well.

Old Business: The club is still looking for a trailer for the donated 40ft pneumatic mast.  Please contact KB8ELG if you know of anything available.

Upcoming Events: The Festival of Lights parade is this Friday!  Anyone helping out should meet at the ConAgra parking lot off of Stryker St by 5:15pm for assignments.  The only other event for the year is the Christmas dinner at the Barn Restaurant in Archbold.  We have the same room as last year.  The dinner replaces our normal club meeting, and is still on the third Monday in December at 6:30pm.  Members are responsible for the cost of their dinner.

Upcoming Hamfests:

12/04/2011 LCARC, Harrison Township, MI
01/15/2012 Hazel Park, MI
02/19/2012 Livonia, MI
03/17/2012 Marshall, MI
03/18/2012 Toledo, OH

That's all I have for now.  Please reply back to me with corrections as I am quite sure I missed or misquoted something...

73, KD8KBU