August Meeting Notes

Hello everyone, here are notes from the Monday night Club meeting:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm with 22 members in attendance. The Finance Report was read and accepted.

Bills Presented: KB8ELG presented an expected invoice of $213.90 for replacement tires and rims for the pneumatic mast trailer.  We expected this maintenance to be occurring, and the club members voted to approve the expense.

Membership: The club currently has 55 members

Committee reports follow:

Education: There is still plans to hold a Tech Class this Autumn, but a firm date has not been set..

Hamfest:  With a couple of large Hamfests coming, KB8ELG encouraged all club members to print the PDF flier for the winter hamfest and distribute them at Findlay and Ft. Wayne.  The Hamfest flier can be found at:

Repeater Committee: The club is still planning on deploying the Yaesu DR-1X as a 440 machine, borrowing the frequency pair from KB8GOM.  The plan is to put the repeater on air at the backup site before winter.

After much debate, the club voted on enabling CTCSS on the 147.195+ repeater with a tone of 103.5.  KB8ELG suggested a target date of October 1st to turn on tone.  All amateurs are advised to enable tone for this repeater ahead of that time so they are not left out when this feature is enabled.

July Meeting Notes

Hello everyone, here are notes from the Monday night Club meeting:
The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm with 14 members in attendance. The Finance Report was read and accepted.
Membership: The club currently has 54 members
Committee reports follow:
Education: The re is renewed interest from several people on taking a tech class.  KE8RU has indicated a Autumn session would be possible but no date has been set at this time.

The next club meeting will be held on July 20th at the County Administration Building (same as the Drivers License Bureau), 152 S. Fulton St, Wauseon at 7:30pm.

Thanks to all who stopped out to the Delta Chicken Fest this past weekend.  We had seven club members on hand for the Sunday Parade which went off without issue.

Events of Interest:
07/25/2015 Maker Faire Detroit (Henry Ford Museum) Saturday & Sunday

Upcoming Hamfests:
07/19/2015 Van Wert, OH
08/08/2015 Angola, IN
09/13/2015 Findlay. OH
09/20/2015 Adrian, MI

Further details can be found at the ARRL Website:

Club Nets:
Weeknights at 10:30pm Bud's Midnight Madness Net -- 147.195+
Wed at 7:30pm EC Practice Net -- 147.195+
Wed at 8pm FCARC Club Net -- 147.195+
Wed at 9pm 6M Net -- 50.400 AM on the first Wednesday of the month
Wed at 9pm 6M Net -- 52.525 FM Simplex

Latest Club Information:
On the web:
On Facebook:
E-Mail list:

VE Testing:

OSPOTA September 12

As a reminder, the club will be operating in the "Ohio State Parks On The Air" again this year, returning to Harrison Lake.  I registered the club as running planned operations with the event coordinator this evening.  We have a minor change in venue, as we will be back at the Marzolf Shelter House like the first year we operated.  Last, we are planning another end of summer cookout to coincide with the event, as we had a great turnout last year and all had a fun time. More details will be made available as the date draws closer. 

First and foremost, the Emergency Services Net has moved from Sunday to Wednesday at 7:30pm.  The following is some traffic notes from the Wednesday net.

KB8ELG and K8JPD met with the Fulton County EMA last week, with notes following:

1. KB8ELG and K8JPD were updated on new siren and alert tones in use.

2. The County EMA is working on obtaining a Technician Class license to facilitate traffic passing.

3. KB8ELG reports that equipment will be provided to the County EMA to also facilitate traffic passing.

4. A second meeting is planned on July 9th, KB8ELG is requesting club members and operators be available on July 9th at 16:30 to participate in a demonstration of the 2m repeater capabilities. He would like you to mobile, if possible, throughout the county.

Further discussion included potential emergency coordination and building occupancy.  The county is receptive to helping out where they can and have been impressed with the Emergency traffic nets and the recent deployment during the tornado watch several weeks ago.



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