A summary of the FCARC meeting notes for October 15th, 2012:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm with 22 members and guests in attendance. Minutes from the previous meeting were read, along with the treasurer's report with both being accepted.

Committee reports followed the Address:

Education: The tech class in September completed with a testing session on the last day.  We had two new technicians, one new general, and two new extras pass the exams.  This test session also marks the last session Dave Nelson (KA8KDS) will server as the ARRL VE Liaison.  Tom Servoss (KC8UOM) has taken over that responsibility, and all relevant contact information has been updated to reflect this.  We thank Dave Nelson for his years of service in this position and also thank Tom for taking over the position.  Testing returns to Archbold Police Station for October.

Thanks to all the club members who came out to assist at the Lockport 5K/10K. We had a outstanding turnout of a dozen people to monitor the race course.

The next club meeting will be held on October 15th at the County Administration Building (same as the Drivers License Bureau), 152 S. Fulton St, Wauseon at 7:30pm. No worries this time, we are sure to be in the actual building versus the parking lot 

Notes to Pass Along:

1. Thanks to everyone who came out to the LockPort 5k/10k race this past Saturday, we had the course well covered and it certainly is appreciated.  If anyone has any pictures (I'm looking at you Ed) of the event, please email them to me and I'll get the posted to the website.

2. We are in the new repeater building, pics can be found on the club website. We were offline a short time on Saturday, but we are finally done with that project.

We are finally in to the new repeater shack this afternoon. We had the repeater down for roughly 3 hours to move the equipment and power. Thanks to everyone who came out to assist! Click on any of the images below to embiggen them.

September VE Testing

We had a great VE test session today, we passed two new technicians, one new general, and two new extra class licenses. Thanks to everyone who showed up to help.  We also want to welcome Tom (KC8UOM) as our teams new ARRL VE Liaison, Dave has done a great job for a number of years, and we thank him for his service.  Testing returns to Archbold in October, see you then!

A summary of the FCARC meeting notes for September 17th, 2012:

The meeting was called to order at 7:45pm with 17 members and guests in attendance. Due to schedule conflicts and miss-communications, we were not able to gain access to our normal meeting room and decided to have a quick meeting at the County Admin Building parking lot.  We altered the normal format by skipping reading of the previous meeting minutes and proceeded directly into a State of the Club address from KB8ELG, the club president.

Highlights of the Address where:

What do we want to do with the club?  Are we focusing on a social organization, public service, education, or emergency service?  A mission statement should be created, defining why we are a club.

Projects we need to address in the next two months include selling surplus equipment to replenish funds, get power to the new repeater building and relocate the equipment, and get the backup repeater online.

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