Dear Amateur Radio Operators of the Ohio Section,

As you know, the legislation for zoning of Amateur Radio Antennae has been moving through the Hose and Senate Sides of the Statehouse, under House Bill 158 (aka “PRB-1 for Ohio”).

Currently this Bill sits in the State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs Committee. This Bill has going to its fourth hearing this Wednesday, and may conclude with a vote to send the Bill to the Senate Floor, where a favorable vote will move it to the Governor. We have never been so close to seeing a piece of legislation supporting Amateur Radio in Ohio move to the Governor’s desk, as we do now.

But…we need your help!

For everyone meeting for the Archbold Festival of Lights Parade this Friday, Please meet at the Archbold Police Station (same time, 5:00pm-5:15pm) for postings.  Do not meet at the ConAgra Parking lot.

73, Craig Szczublewski - KD8KBU

Hi folks, here are some notes from the club meeting this evening, our normal secretary was not in attendance, so these might be a bit incomplete:

The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm with 11 members in attendance. Introductions were made as we had several new members in attendance.  Minutes from the previous meeting and the treasurer's report were read and accepted.

The Telles family recently donated the radio collection of Claude Cass Telles to the Fulton County Amateur Radio Club.  This was beyond the definition of generous as it will help us put equipment into the hands of new Hams, as well as raise the funds for a new repeater controller.  The following is the published obituary:

We Have been asked for help again this year. The parade day a November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving. I feel it is our obligation to help out when the need arises. If you can help, please reply back as soon as you can.


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