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First and foremost, the Club Field Day web page can be found here: 
Field Day 2018 is 20 days out and it's time to start thinking about club participation.  We will be setting up at the Roth Family Woodlot in Tedrow/Wauseon again this year, and since we usually only run the 24 hour period, we can begin setup after 8:00pm on Thursday, June 21.  Remember the event starts on Saturday, June 23 at 2:00pm. 
If you are bringing your rig and are planning on running the full 24 hour contest, let us know what bands and modes you are capable of running (remember your license class restrictions, you can only run where you are licensed for).  If you have a laptop for running the logging software please bring it along, along with your rig and antenna system.  Make sure to bring plenty of power extension cords to tie into the generator, as well as plenty of antenna feed line so we are not setting up on top of each other. 
On the note of laptops, we run a networked logging software which aids immensely in filing the report with the ARRL, as well as keeping track of who is running on the allowed bands and modes.  This software will work work with Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

April 16, 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 14 members in attendance.
Silent Key: none
Member in Distress: It was reported that KC8UJC continues to make a strong recovery.  They expect to be back in the Northwest Ohio area this summer.
The Finance Report was read and a motion to approve was made by K8JPD  and seconded by KC8PCU.  All present approved.
Bills to present:
o  $90 for the P.O. Box for the annual fee.  Motion by KC8PCU, second by KE8BHW.  All present approved.
o  $40.30 2 year Domain Name renewal.  Motion by KD8WSL, second by W8TUX.  All present approved.
o  $200 Liability Insurance.  Motion by KC8PCU, second by WB8ZOI.  All present approved.
Good of Amateur Radio:
o  A round table discussion was had on what do we want to do as a club and  what our direction going forward should be.  Do we continue to offer volunteer radio services for public events? We also discussed the need for ideas for an educational segment at the end of each meeting.  It was decided that the May Meeting Talk Topic will be given by K8JPD on the process of submitting QSL cards through the bureau.

March Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:39PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 11 members in attendance.
Silent Key: WA8OOM Ken Biddle / Feb 16, 2018
The Finance Report was read and a motion to approve was made by KC8PCU and seconded by KD8WSL.  All present approved.
Future Meeting Location Options:
Due to a remodel at the Wauseon Courthouse, our meeting location will need to change for 2018. Some options include:
  • Wauseon Masonic Lodge
  • Police Auxilary Room
  • Multi Purpose Room at the Wauseon Library
  • Hospital Meeting Room 
Good of Amateur Radio:
  • Fulton County Health Center has a FEMA mandate to equip an amateur radio station for backup communications.  They have reached out to KB8ELG to discuss options for equipment and getting several hospital staff memebers licensed.
  • The "breakfast club" took an outing to the Dayton Air Force Museum on 3/11.
  • Storm Spotter training: 3/20/18 6:30pm Bowling Green State University, 4/5/18 6:30pm St. Luke's
  • Contest This Weekend: 3/24-3/25 2018 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest (http://www.contestcalendar.com)
  • The club is considering a large tent for events like field day, hamfest, etc.  Several members will research options and costs.
Hamfest Committee:
  • The Summer hamfest is registered for at the ARRL site.  The club page also has the latest information:  http://k8bxq.org/hamfest

Due to the ongoing trial in Wauseon, and the scheduled remodel of that meeting room, we will need to find a new home for our meetings this year.  For tonight, we will be back at the Wauseon Masonic Lodge at 7:30pm.  See you all then.

The meeting was called to order at 7:35PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 9 members in attendance.
The Finance Report and Minutes from the January meeting were read and approved.
Upcoming Events:
TMRA Hamfest is March 18.  Althought the club will be provided a table, the hamfest comittee is only allowing it to display clib related informaiton and events, meaning no sales.  Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) will have tables in case anyone wants to bring things to sell.
The "breakfast club" is taking an unofficial club outing to the Dayton Air Force Museum on 2/25.  We currently plan on having breakfast at the Delta 109 at 7am before heading out.  It's a solid 2.5 hour drive, so we might not get back until 8pm.  I don't know how many are going or who is driving, but we may have a small caravan of vehicles.
Hamfest Committee:
The Summer hamfest is registered for at the ARRL site.  The club page also has the latest information:  http://k8bxq.org/hamfest
Good of Amateur Radio:
KB8ELG urged all members to have S.A.M.E. weather radios with the risk of inclement weather especially with odd warming trends like we have this week.
We were also reminded of the new 6m W8HHF repeater on 53.110- with a Net @ 9pm on Mondays (103.5PL)

2018 Event Calendar

Attached is a list of hamfests and club related events for 2018.  We look forward to seeing you for many of these events.

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