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Some past new articles featuring the Fulton County Amateur Radio Club

As anticipated, Ed Roth (WD8KRS) stepped down after many years of service to the Radio Club as President. Replacing him will be Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG). The other club officers for 2011 are VP/Craig Szczublewski (KD8KBU), Treasurer/Lu Ann Kuney (KB8ELH), and Secretary/Angela Infante... (KB2AVN). Thanks to all in attendance at our temporary location. And thanks to Paul Barnaby, the Fulton County Commissioner, for making the Agricultural building available to the club on such short notice. In other news, the Hamfest is set for June 4th, 2011, and the club will also have a table at the Toledo Hamfest in March.

Pictures from the 2010 Club Christmas Dinner held at The Barn restuarant in Archbold, OH.  We had a really good turnout for great food and fun conversation. 

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