The MFJ-945D tuner is a 300-watt PEP output (175 watts on 160 m) antenna tuner. It is designed to match 50 ohm output amplifiers, transmitters or transceivers to an antenna in a mobile installation. Forward power, reflected power, and SWR are displayed on the wattmeter's illuminated cross-needle meter. The MFJ-945D uses a "T" matching network. It continuously tunes all frequencies from 1.8 through 30 MHz. It will match dipoles, inverted vee's, verticals, mobile whips, beams, random wires, and many other antennas. The MFJ-945D has a single connector for coaxial output.

It does operate well and has no known issues.  Local pickup only, Cash/Check/Paypal all works for me. Contact:

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