1/17/22 The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 11 members in attendance, introductions were made and the pledge of allegiance was given by all.

Silent Key: none mentioned

Members in Distress: KD8KBU: sinus issues; KA8KDS, continues to struggle including falls; KG8FM: not feeling well; NC8NC: anticipating surgery

Corrections to Minutes from Previous Meeting: none

KB8ELG read wonderful letter from Tom W8II which included donation to Club of $150.  

Treasurer's Report: none

Bills to Present: none

Secretary Communications: no discussion

VE/Education Committee: no discussion

Repeater Committee: An annual PM is being planned on primary site, including: checking heat, check for water damage, etc. We’ll notify view email of the planned date as the weekend gets closer. Discussion ensured about plans for other repeater; will continue to discuss. 

Emergency Services: not discussed

Field Day Committee: hands on demonstrations of how to build antennas? 

Hamfest Committee: The Winter Hamfest was a success. The Club yielded $765 after expenses. KB8ELG is discussing long term contract with City of Archbold for Ruihley Park Pavilion. Will continue to discuss. Ideas for improvements for Hamfest: Radio to Santa? Delay of start time with consideration to safety (dark, potential inclement weather, etc). More food trucks? Commute attendees via golf cart from parking lot to front door? Hamfest signage? Preparedness display?  

The Summer Hamfest has been registered with the ARRL for June of 2022.

2022 Christmas Party: 2021 Christmas Part at Delta 109 too tight? 2022: Buffet vs sit-down meal? Coordinate with restaurant with reduced planned menu? Barn Restaurant/Das Essenhaus/Sullivans? Will continue to discuss.

Officer Elections: President: KB8ELG, verified by KE8VTJ and KE8ITJ. Vice President: KD8ZKE, verified by WB8ZOI and KE8QFJ. Treasurer: W8TUX, verified by KE8QFJ and KE8ITJ. Recording Secretary: KE8OKA, verified by KE8ITJ and KB8REG. KB8ZKE will co-learn/oversee finances/books. Farmers and Merchants Bank acct: only elected trustees/members will be signers. 

Old Business:

  • Club shirts: were passed out to members who ordered
  • The future of pneumatic mast trailer is an intent to sell it to an individual or club.  We have a few leads but are still looking for a buyer. 
  • Regarding integration of DMR into any K8BXQ repeater system, no new developments to report at this time.

New Business:

  • Should FCARC meetings be broadcasted on Zoom? DMR?
  • Growth of FCARC: 50% have been members >5 years and <5 years. People interested because of Preparedness? Reach out to Four County/Northwest State/Scouting to spark more interest? KE8ITJ church in Wauseon will be having Amateur Radio Technician classes on Saturdays. All are welcome.  


  • January 23 Hazel Park, Royal Oak, MI
  • March 13, Elyria, OH
  • March 20, TMRA

Club Nets:

  • Weeknights at 10:30pm Bud's Midnight Madness Net -- 147.195+
  • Wed at 8pm FCARC ES Net -- 147.195+
  • Thu at 8pm 6M Net -- 1st Wed 50.400 AM, 3rd Wed 50.125 USB, all others 52.525 FM Simplex
  • Sun at 8pm on 2nd and 4th Sunday is the Preparedness Net – 147.195+
  • Sun at 8pm on 1st and 3rd Sunday is the DMR Net on Brandmeister 3171544 (K8BXQ)

Latest Club Information:

VE Testing: The club gives testing at 9 am the last Saturday of each month at the Masonic Lodge (Fulton No. 248) in Delta, contact John Myers (KD8ZKE) if interested, you can find his email address on the k8bxq.org website under the VE Testing section.

Saturday morning breakfast at the Delta 109 at 9:00 AM, in downtown Delta, OH.

The next regular club meeting will be February 21, 2022 at Fulton County Administration Building in the Conference Room on the second floor. 

A motion to adjourn was made by WB8ZOI and seconded by KE8ITJ, all were in favor.  KB8ELG closed the meeting at 8:44pm

July 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 17 members and guests in attendance.

Silent Key/Members in Distress: KD8QHD has been under the weather since July 4th, but is said to be recovering.

The Finance Report was read with a motion to approve by Bill Lampe (KD8WSL) seconded by Dave Claar (W8TUX).  All present approved.

Minutes from the previous meeting were electronically distributed last month with no corrections.


* Rebecca Goble, Director of Fulton County EMA, sent us an introductory letter.  KB8ELG will reach out to her to setup a meeting with the club emergency services committee. 

* Terry Habegger sent a request that we reach out to HCNO regarding deploying amateur radio equipment to FCHC.  KB8ELG will contact them to see what steps we need to complete as a club.

* DX Engineering is holding two mini-seminars on August 11 on Digital/SDR technologies, and NVIS antenna systems. See their website for details 

Bills to Present:


June 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 10 members in attendance.

Silent Key/Members in Distress: none

Finance Report:

The treasurer's report was read with a motion to approve by Jim McBride (K8JPD) seconded by Cass Telles (KD8MNG).  All present approved.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.

Hamfest Report:

The Hamfest was an overall success, although attendance was down from last year. KB8ELG gave a financial breakdown of costs and income.

Repeater Report:

The main repeater site environmental controls were switched to summer mode.  The backup site is offline and has been for some time.  We plan to work on Sunday, July 1 around 2pm to get those systems back online.

Upcoming Events:

- June 30 is the Swanton Fireworks.  We plan to meet at 7pm near the football stadium.  Please bring an HT, safety vest, and flashlight if you have one.  Bug repellent would not be a bad idea either.  Plan on using 146.460 simplex.


April 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 14 members in attendance.

Silent Key: none

Member in Distress: It was reported that KC8UJC continues to make a strong recovery.  They expect to be back in the Northwest Ohio area this summer.

The Finance Report was read and a motion to approve was made by K8JPD  and seconded by KC8PCU.  All present approved.

Bills to present:

o  $90 for the P.O. Box for the annual fee.  Motion by KC8PCU, second by KE8BHW.  All present approved.

o  $40.30 2 year Domain Name renewal.  Motion by KD8WSL, second by W8TUX.  All present approved.

o  $200 Liability Insurance.  Motion by KC8PCU, second by WB8ZOI.  All present approved.

Good of Amateur Radio:


March 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:39PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 11 members in attendance.

Silent Key: WA8OOM Ken Biddle / Feb 16, 2018

The Finance Report was read and a motion to approve was made by KC8PCU and seconded by KD8WSL.  All present approved.

Future Meeting Location Options:

Due to a remodel at the Wauseon Courthouse, our meeting location will need to change for 2018. Some options include:

  • Wauseon Masonic Lodge
  • Police Auxilary Room
  • Multi-Purpose Room at the Wauseon Library
  • Hospital Meeting Room 

Good of Amateur Radio:


February 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:35PM by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 9 members in attendance.

The Finance Report and Minutes from the January meeting were read and approved.

Upcoming Events:

TMRA Hamfest is March 18.  Although the club will be provided a table, the hamfest committee is only allowing it to display club related information and events, meaning no sales.  Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) will have tables in case anyone wants to bring things to sell.

The "breakfast club" is taking an unofficial club outing to the Dayton Air Force Museum on 2/25.  We currently plan on having breakfast at the Delta 109 at 7am before heading out.  It's a solid 2.5 hour drive, so we might not get back until 8pm.  I don't know how many are going or who is driving, but we may have a small caravan of vehicles.

Hamfest Committee:

The Summer hamfest is registered for at the ARRL site.  The club page also has the latest information:  http://k8bxq.org/hamfest

Good of Amateur Radio:

KB8ELG urged all members to have S.A.M.E. weather radios with the risk of inclement weather especially with odd warming trends like we have this week.


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