8/21/23: The meeting was called to order at Fulton County Museum and Welcome Center, 8848 State Hwy 108, Wauseon, OH 43567 at 7:30 pm by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG). 26 members were in attendance, introductions were made and the Pledge of Allegiance was given by all.

Silent Key: none

Members in Distress: KE8OKA reached out to KC8ROU. He continues to struggle with health issues which have necessitated hospitalization a few times. KD8KBU's dad continues to struggle with effects of brain bleed. KC8QFS and his wife Wanda continue to recover from MVA. KE8UJA recovering from back surgery. KD8PUD shared a card for all to sign reaching out to AA8HS.

Corrections to Minutes from Previous Meeting: OSPOTA will be held 9/9/23, not 9/2/23


Treasurer's Report: presented.

  • Bills/Income presented. Motion to approve: KE8QJV/KC8PCU

  • W8TUX will be stepping down as Treasurer by the end of the year.

FCARC radio equipment:

  • FCARC has obsolete HF radio equipment. Please reach out to KC8ELG for inquiries.


Plaque for FCARC Silent Keys? HIT Trophy in Archbold? Will continue to discuss.


    Group introductions to new members.


    Repeater Maintenance: KB8ELG is acquiring quotes.


    VE/Education Committee: time changed to 1000, same place and dates. One new Technician class last testing session.


    Storing Club equipment: repeater shed. KE8BHW, WB8ZOI, KC8PCU installed furring strips. Level 3 security lock being installed by KB8ELG. New steel siding donated by KE8QJV. Roof is in good shape. Work day planned 10/7/23 and 10/8/23. Meet at Blue Ribbon Diner prior at 9:00 AM.


    Fox Hunt 7/23/23 was a success. Met at the Fulton County Museum and Welcome Center; deployed at 2:00PM. Frequency 146.46. KE8QJV was the Fox. Winner was KC8HDG, KE8OKA and KE8UTX with 15.6 miles. KC8HDG will be the next Fox, planned Sunday 10/22/23 at 2:00PM.


    Wauseon 5K 8/5/23. Went very well.


    POTA activation monthly using FCARC call sign August 12 9:00 to 12:00 PM. Our club is becoming known for successful contesting.


    OSPOTA: 9/9/23 10:00-6:00PM (1400-2200 UTC). Harrison Lake State Park.


    Echolink: Installed up and running. KE8ITJ-R.


    KE8ITJ-- create dayglow green FCARC hats/shirts to be worn when directing traffic for events?


    Simplex Net 9/3/23-- bring HT's to FC Fair to test effective communication?


    Planned train derailment exercise-- November?


      Winter Hamfest: Sunday December 3, 2023. Ruiley Park in Archbold. Arrive time: 0800. Doors open at 0900.


      2023 FCARC Christmas Party: Blue Ribbon Diner in Wauseon. Saturday 12/16/23 6:00 PM.


      Club Nets:

      • Sunday at 8:00pm on the 1st Sunday is the Simplex Net-- 146.46

      • Sunday at 8:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Sunday is the Preparedness Net – 147.195+

      • Sunday at 8:00pm on the 3rd Sunday is the Emergency Services Net—147.195+

      • Sunday at 8:00pm on the 5th Sunday is the DMR Net on Brandmeister 3171544 (K8BXQ).

      • Weeknights at 10:30pm Bud's Midnight Madness Net -- 147.195+

      • Wednesday at 8:00pm Wednesday Night Net

      • Thursday at 8pm 6M Net -- 1st Thursday 50.400 AM, 3rd Thursday 50.125 USB, all others 52.525 FM Simplex

      Latest Club Information:

      VE Testing: The club gives testing at 9:00 am the last Saturday of each month at the Fulton County Museum and Welcome Center. 8848 State Hwy 108, Wauseon, OH 43567. Contact Sandra Schwind KE8UTX if interested. Her email address can be found on the k8bxq.org website under the VE Testing section.

      Saturday morning breakfast at the Delta 109 at 9:00 AM, in downtown Delta, OH.

      The next regular club meeting will be 9/18/23 7:30PM at Fulton County Museum and Welcome Center. 8848 State Hwy 108, Wauseon, OH 43567

      A motion to adjourn was made by KC8HDG and seconded by K8CAG all were in favor.  KB8ELG closed the meeting at 8:51pm


      WX Conditions


      Regional Clubs & Repeaters

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      County Information

      More information about Fulton County, the communities, and common frequencies used.