Field Day Logging

Turning attention back to Field Day, if you plan on running a radio during Field Day, or if you are planning on helping an operator log QSOs, it will help to familiarize yourself with the logging program we use.  It does require a laptop, but the software will run on just about any version of windows down to XP, along with macOS and Linux.  If you have an older laptop not used for anything, it is probably ideal for this software.  The only requirement is the laptop has an 802.11g as a minimum WiFi controller.
If you do not have a laptop suitable (and think twice about bringing your high-end laptop out to the Field), let me know, I have several repurposed older models which I don't care if they get rained on or something accidentally spilled on them.
The software for Windows can be downloaded here:
There is no installer, just unzip it to the desktop, open the folder and run fdlog.exe.  Contact if you need it for Linux/macOS.
If it launches successfully, you should be asked for your call sign, and then an Authentication Key (just use "tst").  After that, the software should open and you should see a grid of bands and modes and a logging area.

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Happy Sunday morning to all. If you are a league member, this months QST has a great pullout section in the middle for Field Day 2021. I wanted to open a dialogue regarding bonus points for meeting certain criteria for the event. Some of these are "gimme's" while others we have always struggled with to either get someone to spearhead the effort, or if it could even apply to our circumstances. What follows is a list of various bonuses up for grabs, and what we have done historically:

1. 100% emergency power: this is a automatic for us since we run on generator power for the event

2. Media Publicity: I have typically submitted a formal press release to the various news outlets around June 1, so this is also automatic

3. Set up in Public place: We can debate this one, but we typically consider the Roth Park a public place during those events

4. Public Information Table: We have set this up in years past, usually with various flyers we can get from the ARRL. We skipped last year, but should be able to do this again, especially if we setup a GOTA table were we can combine efforts.

5. Message to ARRL section manager or SEC: to the best of my knowledge, we have NEVER done this in this past. With the recent changes in formal ES Nets on Wednesday, I am hoping one of our club members might have the time to research this in the full ARRL Field Day packet and see if we can try it this year (so, yes, looking for a volunteer)

6. W1AW Field Day Message: this is another automatic. we have stations with digital capability setup and have always copied this

Club Meeting Reminder

Our stated club meeting will be tonight on the air at 7:30pm on the K8BXQ 147.195 repeater. Hope to hear you then.

This contest is still very much in the early planning stages, but we have marked a date we want to attempt this on. September 25, 2021 will be the first ever (that we know of) Masonic Lodges on the Air contest, a.k.a. CQ More Light!
The goal is simple, activate as many Masonic Lodges as possible and try to log a QSO with them.  More rules and scoring will be forthcoming, but for now, know that the date for this is intended to be the Saturday of (or immediately following) the Autumnal Equinox. You do not need to be a Freemason to participate in this contest, in fact, we would encourage any Masonic Lodge to open their doors (or property) to host an event with local HAMs. 
Keep checking back as we expand into Social Media and provide further content related to the upcoming contest.

KB8ELG informed me that the Delta Police are requesting our assistance for two events during the Delta Chicken Festival.  There is a 5k run through Delta starting at 7:30 am on July 10, which they would like help with monitoring and traffic control.  Plan on being at Delta Park by 7:00 am for assignments.

The second event is on the same day at 10:30 am which is the Parade.  This has traditionally been on Sunday but has been moved up a day.  
If you are available to assist, please let me or KB8ELG know.

KB8ELG announced that effective next week the 6 meter Net is moving from Wednesday nights at 9pm to Saturday nights at 9pm.  The monthly schedule for modes (AM/FM/SSB) still holds true. The next 6 meter net will be May 1 on 50.400 AM at 9pm.

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