VE Testing

Amateur Radio Testing

Location Change: Effective as of the July 31, 2021 VE session, the location is changing. A quick word on The new location will be the Fulton County Administration Building, 152 S Fulton St, Wauseon, OH 43567. We'll be in the same room as our club meetings on the second floor. The time and date remain the same. This will be considered a permanent change.

NOTE: The ARRL VEC now requires a valid FRN number to be used on the 605 forms instead of the TIN/SSN, even for new license registrations.  If you are non-licensed and coming to test, please register with the FCC beforehand at the Commission Registration System (CORES) site.

ARRLWho: We are a team of ARRL accredited VEs
Where: Fulton County Administration Building, 152 S Fulton St, Wauseon, OH 43567 (note: 2nd floor, it is handicap accessible)
When: The last Saturday of the month at 9:00am
Contact: John Myers -
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When coming to the test session:
Bring a test fee of $15.00
Calculators are allowed with cleared memory
Bring some form of identification
A photocopy of your current license if upgrading

During the test session:
Use your FCC ID on all forms, not your SSN
No restroom breaks during exam sessions
No forms or notepads are allowed
Only write on the answer sheet, all scratch paper will be collected
Cell phones and pagers must be set to silent
Maintain a quiet environment

If upgrading, privileges may be used immediately
New licenses will take 3-4 days to process
FCC ULS database

Online Study Assistance and Sample Tests:


Looking for a license test session in your area? Try the ARRL Locator Page to find one in your town.

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