Mark your calendars, there is tentative CERT training at Northwest State on Oct 22-23, this is TENTATIVE only, details to come.

Reminder: The Bull Thistle Festival Fireworks at Harrison Lake Park is this Saturday. We have been requested to assist with traffic. Plan on meeting at the beach parking lot at Harrison Lake at 7:15pm to meet with the rangers and local authorities. We will operate on 146.460.

July Meeting Notes

The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm by KB8ELG with 16 Club members in attendance.   Minutes from the previous meeting were read by KB8ELG  and accepted.

1. Members in Distress

As most are aware, Chuck Purdy/K8RHZ passed away on July 4. 
Dale Little/N8MI has moved to an assisted living facility as well.

2. Finance

LuAnn/KB8ELH read the treasures report and a motion was made by N8WOM to accept the report and seconded by KC8PCU.  All were in favor of acceptin the report as read.

3. Bills to present

Several bills related to Field Day were presented, including parts for the rebuilt electrical panel, fuel for the generator, and other necessities.  KC8PCU made a motion to pay the bills, which was seconded by W8TUX. 

4. Membership Report

Membership stands at 53 paid and lifetime members.

5. Hamfest Committee

A reminder was put out that the Winter Hamfest is scheduled for December 3 at the American Legion on St Rt 109.

6. Education Committee

There has been interest in a technician class which will most likely be scheduled after the County Fair which is the first week of September.

7. Field Day

KD8KBU gave the report on our claimed score and QSOs which can be found at
There was discussion on ways to improve Field Day which includes having multiple club members trained on major systems setup, like the pneumatic mast and generator systems.

The Fulton County EMA has requested the club members to help with traffic at the Bull Thistle Festival Fireworks on August 6 at Harrison Lake State Park.  Here is what we have so far:
Time/Date: Saturday August 6th at 7:15pm
Location: Harrison Lake State Park 
We will meet with the Park Rangers at 7:15pm at the Beach Parking Lot area.  We will have saftey vests and spare HTs.  Remember to bring an HT and set the VFO or memory to 146.460.
More info to come...

For all of the folks that asked, we really had not heard from any of the event coordinators that our help was needed at the festival this year, until today.

As before, the Delta Police Department has requested assistance with traffic barricades during the Parade and really appreciates having the extra coverage at the intersections around Delta.  The parade starts around 2:00pm and runs an hour or so at the most.  Plan on meeting need the main concessions area 1:00pm for assignments.  If you have the time to assist with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me back at if you think you can help out with the Parade route.

I know this is short notice, but due to a change in the event coordinators this year, no one knew how to get a hold of us or request help.

Craig - KD8KBU 

KB8ELG passed this along to me, A memorial service will be held Saturday, July 9th at 11:00 a.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church, 210 N. Main St. in Swanton.

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