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First and foremost, the Club Field Day web page can be found here: 
Field Day 2020 is 12 days out and it's time to start thinking about club participation.  We will be setting up at the Roth Family Woodlot in Tedrow / Wauseon again this year, and since we usually only run the 24 hour period, we can begin setup after 8:00pm on Thursday, June 25, although most of us will probably string antennas on June 26 after 5:00pm.  Remember the event starts on Saturday, June 27 at 2:00pm. 

June Meeting Minutes

Stated Club Meeting June 15, 2020
Members Present: kb8elg, kd8kbu, w8tux, kg8fm, kd8itj, kb8dil, kd8zkw, kd8wsl, ke8bhw, wd8krs, wb8zoi, kd8zke, kd8pud, nc4ohh, kc8iof, ke8ong
The meeting was called to order at 7:22 pm by KB8ELG, who welcomed everyone to the return of our in-person meetings. Committee reports follow
Members in Distress: no report
Treasures Report: KB8ELH was unable to attend this evening but provided a summary account report read by KB8ELG, not corrections or discussion was requested.
Repeater Committee: AC has been turned on at the main repeater shed, the exterior improvements made last year are holding well and the building is dry inside.
Summer Hamfest: KB8ELG gave a summary of the Hamfest financial report which follows.
Income: 753

Field Day 2020 will be June 27-28.  Our club traditionally sets up antennas on Friday evening and Saturday morning.  All particpants should plan on being ready to run at 2:00pm Saturday.  

Our location is the Roth Family Woodlot at 101 Hill Avenue in Tedrow, OH (just 2 miles west of Turnpike exit 34 on County Rd J).  See more information at the ARRL's Field Day Website.  If you are looking for a Field Day location in your neck of the woods, try the ARRL's Field Day Locator.

We have been given the green light from the county commissioner to resume club meetings at the Administration Building as of June 15.  Given the nature of the current COVID-19 pandemic still in progress, we are requiring facemasks for the meeting.  Meeting time will be 7:30pm.


Hamfest this Saturday

As a reminder, the Hamfest is this Saturday. The committee has been meeting and planning the layout of the event to be compliant with the Ohio Department of Health guidelines on outdoor sales events. That being said, PPE/facemasks will be required. The committee has acquired a hundred masks for anyone who does not have their own, but please bring your facemask with you if you have one.  

May Meeting Notes

May 18, 2020
Club Meeting On the Air (147.195) roll: kb8elg, kd8zke, kb8elh, kd8kbu, w8tux, kg8fm, kd8jbs, wd8krs, nc4oh, kb8gom, kd8itj, wb8zoi, kd8pud, kc8pcu, ke8bhw, kb8cby, kb8vtn, wd8pic, kd8wsl, kd5guu, w8tzo
The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 21 members and guests in attendance on the 147.195 repeater.
Members in Distress: nothing to report.
Treasurers Report: no report given on air.
Hamfest Committee: The next FCARC sponsored Hamfest will be the summer trunk swap on June 6, 2020, followed by the Winter Hamfest on December 5, 2020.
Repeater Committee: We need to schedule a HVAC check in April.
Old Business:
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