Spring Skywarn Storm Spotting Virtual Sessions

All Training will be conducted in a virtual setting

Sessions - Please make note of the dates and times are in Eastern Time

  • Saturday, March 13, 2021 11 AM to 1 PM EST
  • Wednesday, March 17, 2021 1:30 to 3:30 PM EDT
  • Wednesday, April 7, 2021 6:30 to 8:30 PM EDT
  • Wednesday, April 14, 2021 6:30 to 8:30 PM EDT

Online Registration Links Onlinie - https://www.weather.gov/iwx/Spotter_Event_List

General Information

  • Training is free to attend
  • Registration is limited to 150 per session
  • Individual Registration is requested
  • ​After Registration you will be provided a confirmation e-mail with the webinar link
  • Program lasts approximately 2 hours - we will take a brief stretch break
  • The training IS NOT county specific
  • Recommended age is 14 and older


  • Call: 574-834-1104
  • Email: nws.northernindiana@noaa.gov,michael.lewis@noaa.gov
  • Facebook: @NWSNorthernindiana
  • Twitter: @NWSIWX

February 2021 Minutes

February 15, 2021

Club Meeting On the Air (147.195) roll: kb8elg (p), kd8zke (vp), kb8elh (t), kd8kbu (s), w8tux (es), kg8fm, kb8gom, kd8wsl, ke8qjv, ke8itj, wb8zoi, ka8kds, k8eju, ke8ase, ke8qfj, ke8qju, ke8bhw, ke8ong, kd8jbs, kg8q, kc8iof, kc8qfs, kc8pcu, ke8oka

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 24 members and guests in attendance on the 147.195+ k8bxq repeater.

Silent Key Report: Tom Servoss (KC8UOM) February 4, 2021

Members in Distress: KA8KDS reported that his pacemaker procedure went as expected and he is feeling well. It was also reported that Bev Walworth’s (KC8UJC) mother Shirley M. Brown passed away, please keep her and George (N8EUY) in your thoughts.

Treasurers Report: no report over the air

Bills to Present: nothing to present

Hamfest Committee: The next FCARC sponsored Hamfest will be the summer trunk swap on June 5, 2021, followed by the Winter Hamfest on December 4, 2021. Both events have been registered with the ARRL. 

Old Business: 


FCARC Appoints KD8ZKE as VE Team Liaison

While we are saddened by the loss of KC8UOM, the radio club recognizes that it does have a responsibility to carry on conducting VE testing under the ARRL.  I want to thank John Myers, KD8ZKE, for taking up the task as Liaison to the ARRL VEC.  We should have everything in order this coming week and will be announcing the return of testing sessions shortly.

Silent Key: Tom Servoss (KC8UOM) Obituary and GoFundme

Hello fellow Ham operators, as you have all probably heard by now, KC8UOM has passed away last week. It was brought to our attention that a GoFundMe has been organized to offset his medical expenses incurred during the last month. Please consider any donation at all to his family. His obituary can be found here. I would encourage anyone to leave a supportive message.  Tom was an incredible asset to the club, not only for his work as the ARRL VE Team liaison but also took on many projects like the pneumatic mast trailer as well as helping at numerous service events. He was a true friend to all that knew him and he was always willing to lend a hand on antenna projects and other radio-related "Elmer" assistance.

VE Testing Sessions On Hold

We at the FCARC are saddened to report that our VE Liaison for the past several years has passed away.  Tom Servoss (KC8UOM) was an incredible support of the club and the hobby in general.  While we sort out the duties and coordinate with the ARRL, test sessions will be considered to be on hold.

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