September 2021 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:40pm by Bryan Patterson (KB8ELG) with 12 members in attendance, introductions were made and the pledge of allegiance was given by all.

Members in Distress: It was reported that KA8KDS has returned home where he continues to recuperate. 

Treasurers Report: No changes from last month

Bills to Present: KD8KBU presented two bills for OSPOTA related supplies and food, totaling $155.19.  A motion was made by KG8FM to pay the bills and seconded by KC8HDG, all were in favor.

Education/VE Committee: KD8ZKE indicated two new techs passed on the 9/19 special testing session.

Hamfest Committee: The December Hamfest is set for December 4th at Ruihley Park Pavilion in Archbold, OH. KE8ITJ will be working with the emergency prep group to see if they want to have any presentations at the event or set up a table with more information.

Battery Box Build - KD8KBU

Battery BoxThe following is a battery box build I wanted for field operations, with overall dimensions at 12in x 6in x 7in and the whole unit is about 12lbs, I started with a fairly good-sized ammo box I acquired at a hamfest I cannot even remember how long ago.  My first attempt was with a salvaged lead-acid UPS battery, but I found it too heavy to be practical, and the cells were not in great shape. I did some reading on Lithium Iron Phosphate and decided to give that a try, especially since a 20aH was just about the right dimensions.  The very first iteration was with the triple bulkhead mount outlets similar to Powerwerx, but definitely a Chinese knock-off. When I bought that panel a few years ago, it did not have an Anderson PowerPole module, but I was able to locate a 3D Print STL file and printed my own.


FCARC Emergency Services Net Notes for 9/8/2021

TOPIC: Repeater Use During Emergencies (KE8OKA Net Control) 

VOIP Hurricane net conferences/talkgroups

please not these can change depending on availability of the node owners and there will be a updated set posted on the VPIP net website for each activation I'll put the link here 

APRS, Winlink, AllStar, Hamshack Hotline resources that can be monitored are as follows:



Allstar 28848

Hamshack Hotline 94032

The VK3JED Megalink system will be connected to the VoIP Hurricane Net throughout the VoIP Hurricane Net offering the following modes of connectivity for stations in the affected area of Ida or stations with relays in the affected area of Ida:

DMR BM 50535

YSF. 50535. AU_VK_Multi_Link

P25 50535

M17 M17-432 D


IRLP 9550


OSPOTA 2021 Update

EDIT 9/3: We were able to reserve the Marzolf Shelter House.  We will be in our usual location this year.

Hi folks, 

We are just a little under two weeks out from the event.  I took a recon trip out to HLK on Sunday to review a couple of the picnic areas the park offers, since both the Marzolf and North Shelter houses are booked for that Saturday.  I would welcome any suggestions based on my observations below.  I have a map to reference the sites I am referring to available  here:

1. The picnic area on the south side of the lake between Marzolf and the boat launch has adequate parking, a lot of picnic tables, and grills as well. There are plenty of trees to string antennas also. We would probably want a couple of 10x10 easy-ups to shelter from the sun and possibly any rain. The downside is that there is no restroom/outhouse within convenient walking distance.

OSPOTA 2021 Coming up on September 11

Hi folks, for those not in the know, OSPOTA, or Ohio State Parks On The Air, is coming up on September 11.  The contest runs from 10 am to 6 pm and the club has been activating Harrison Lake State Park for the past few years. The multiplier for the contest is other State Parks in Ohio, but any and all QSOs can be logged and used as contacts against those multipliers.  We usually set up a few rigs and encourage any club members to come out to play on HF for the day.  In recent years, we combine this with an end-of-summer cookout around 1 pm.  That is still the running plan for this year.

Reminder about August Club Meeting

The August 16th stated meeting will be at the Delta 109 in Delta, OH at 7:30 pm.  You are responsible for your own dinner costs.  Since summer meetings tend to be a bit on the more relaxed side, with many of the big events past us, it was proposed we do a combo dinner and club meeting.  See you at the 109!

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